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how to handle seeing calum’s nudes


1. gawk for .6 seconds bc hey you’re only human and it’s not your fault they were on your dash

2a. laugh bc calum made silly decision hehe oh cal.
2b. shake head bc person who leaked it also made silly decision tsk tsk

3. maybe a dick joke bc who doesn’t like a dick joke.

4. be done with it and move on bc no matter your opinion on topic, it’s none of your business and you should stop drawing attention to the sitch.

5. make nachos.


look pretty, play dirty 💗

At least I’ve started!  15 hours to go✈🍹🌴☀
can i have a shippy? c: I have blonde hair/grey eyes/kinda pale. I love all kinds of bands/music and really wanna go into a huge mosh pit one day. I sometimes wonder off because i get so distracted. Im also either really energetic or super cuddly so there isnt an inbetween. hope thats good decribing for me! p.s i really like your blog
- littleshitss

Thank you!!
I’m sorry it took almost a month!!! I’m so sorry!

Ship: calum

Blurb: you were watching your favourite tv series when calum came home, it was late so you were sleepy, he came in the living room where were you and sit down beside you, you jump a little cause you didn’t hear him and he hugges you and then cuddled with you

Song: safe and sound - taylo swift

Q102 - August 13, 2014 - Philadelphia [HQ]


*calums nudes*
*ashton might have a tongue piercing*
And I’m just like:

You’re telling me tumblr, you’re telling me